By Matthew Black

As the proprietor of Blacks Buildings,, and Shed University, I’ve learned that the secret to success lies in mastering SEO. This industry’s digital landscape can be dominated with a targeted 5-point SEO strategy for shed businesses just like yours.

Local SEO and Google My Business

Your shed business can have a prime digital storefront, all thanks to Google My Business.  The key here is quality — attractive photos showcasing your best work and compelling customer testimonials. 5-star reviews act as an endorsement for potential customers and a signal to Google’s ranking algorithms of your credibility. So, encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and fill your profile with high-quality images.

Remember, your Google My Business profile is often the first impression you make; let’s make it count!

On-Page SEO

Our websites are treasure troves for keywords. You’ve done your research and found what potential customers search for in your area. Now layer these keywords throughout your website — in titles, headlines, descriptions. But here’s an inside tip: Don’t forget about your images’ metadata. Renaming photos with relevant keywords and ensuring metadata is accurate can significantly enhance your website’s SEO. These strategies help Google Search Console bots crawl your site and push your business up in search results.


Consider backlinks as the digital world’s word-of-mouth. When other websites, blogs, or social media channels mention your business and link back to your site, it’s a credibility boost. Search engines like Google view these backlinks, especially from established, reputable sites, as endorsements of your content’s quality. The more high-quality backlinks you garner, the higher your website can climb on the search engine ladder.


Registering your business on directories like Google, Bing, MapQuest, Siri Search, and Yahoo adds a layer of trust and authenticity. These directories act like digital phone books, and having your business listed on them makes you more discoverable and reliable in the eyes of search engines and potential customers.

Voice Search Platforms

Lastly, remember the increasing popularity of voice searches. Siri uses Yelp for its searches, making it essential to register and encourage reviews on Yelp.

Similarly, Amazon’s Alexa pulls information from Bing, emphasizing the importance of being registered on diverse platforms.

These steps, when implemented strategically, can transform your online presence. Your shed business is not just about wood and nails, but also about effective SEO practices, helping you reach more customers and rise above the competition. Ready to nail your SEO strategy? Let’s get digital, get optimized, and get seen.